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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  February 20, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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is more moisture in the area so some of that is condensing on the street. three-quarters in petaluma and santa rosa is where it is thickest and everyone else is two miles and greater. we will show you what it looks like if you are coming into san francisco or taking a ferry, very calm on the bay area and obviously you can see the bay bridge and the fog is not thick. we are mild, low-to-mid 50s and low-to-mid 60s at lunch hour and the upper 50s at the coast and upper 60s inland by 4:00 and enjoy a mild evening in the mid-to-upper 50s with cooler weather and sprinkles this weekend. fog can make for challenging driving conditions? >> it can. if it is raining on oscar sunday do we have to get out our umbrella and galoshes? >> i found some in san jose up to mineta san
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jose international airport there is the fog: san rafael 101, socked in. one mile visibility up to 580. slow going. use the low beams. >> have to get out my dictionary to find out what leyla said. >> raiders will announce a plan to build new joint stadium a backup plan? raids would like do stay in their hometown but are working on a deal. as you can imagine this is a big blow to fans and the city of oakland would have been trying to get their professional teams to stay here. the move is plan "b" for the raiders, they would like to stay in the bay area but they want a new coliseum. if they move to southern california they would share a brand new stadium with the
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chargers in san diego who have been unable to secure a permanent solution. it would be built? carson about gone miles south of los angeles. the mayor is hoping there can be a solution for the team the city and taxpayers and oakland. >> i am doing what i can: protect the public dollar, keep my sports teams and increase the economic vitality of my stuff and -- on my city. i am working hard and have may significant progress in my first month in bringing a stadium deal to fruition. >> the chargers and raiders released a statement of plan and representatives from both seems are scheduled to make a formal announcement today down in carson. some fans were blind sided and upset they do hope this move will get the team great leverage to get a stadium built here.
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>> san jose police have arrested two suspects in the deadly shooting after security guard in san jose. 34-year-old manny zuniga was slot can killed in front of a liquor store. a man was seen stealing a box of cigars and tripping. manny zuniga tried to intervene and was shot. more on the investigation coming up at 6:30. >> the east bay a high school student is facing new trouble this morning after he was so violent an officer had no choice but to taze him. amy hollyfield is at the high school in concord. the school resource officer said he could not control the by so he tazed him. this happened yesterday afternoon and it was 1:45 at mt. diablo hospital in concord and formals say the boy was yelling, screaming, and threatening them so they called in the officer to help.
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according to a press release the officer said the student assaulted him and threatened him as three tried to escape so the officer used his taser. they took the kid to the hospital to be checked out and they booked him for assaulting an officer and resisting arrest. the district attorney will now review the case. officials say the boy is a minor and they have not releases -- released his name. concord is egg the agency so if you have information to help the police give them a call. the around bishop of san francisco is asking state lawmakers to respect his right to hire employees who uphold catholic teachings. the archbishop sent a letter to eight bay area lawmakers in response to a letter he received from them urging him to remove morality closeses from the hand becomes condemning homosexuality
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and same-sex marriage and birth control. the archdiocese said they are bolstering the school mission. >> not all teachers are catholic and taught all teachers agree with the statement going into the faculties hand book. no teacher is required to sign any kind of a statement or any kind of an oath. the statements in the faculty hand pack are statements of the school as an institution to clarify what the mission is and what though are committed to do. >> parents and students held a vigil in support of the teachers. >> congressman mike honda is speaking about a tweet he made. it says "at a proud grand pa of a transgender grandchild i hope she can feel safe at school
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without being bullied," the first time to share the details about his granddaughter who has been perrivent about the gender identity. >> my granddaughter. that is what it is. the job was to make sure all the things we know that could be out there that could hurt her we thing of those things. >> he and her parents and brothers have embraced her out and hope to help educate others. two burglars who smashed a van into the front of a popular camera store and sold thousands in quipment are still loose. witnesses thank you an old van with tinted windows back into the store and in five minutes the thieves of gone headed west on california. the store owner put in burglar
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paragraph glass and roll down gates after a burglary a few years back but they did not stand a chance. >> i bought there ask i thought it would stop people and he said you cannot stop a car. >> a similar vehicle was used in a burglary in mountain view early this month and they could be represented. >> the san francisco attorney would pleaded guilty to felony hit-and-run accident after killing a bicyclist in dublin back in 2012 will be sentenced. the 35-year-old spencer smith of san ramon was drive the new mercedes when he hit and killed 57-year-old man from china. smith did not stop and the damage from the car fell on to the road. miss tracked the mercedes to his home three miles away and found extensive damage to the windshield and frond end. surveillance video and cell phone records place him at the crash site. now, how is the weather? >> we have a lot of fog. >> absolutely.
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especially inland and some of it is waiting forto tell us how long the delays will be. the temperatures on the if lanes go great 50 at woodsite to everyone else is 53 to 55 degrees and 56 in hayward and otherwise we see the same thing across the bay to 47 in los gatos and san ramon and 52 right new in mill valley. this is how it looked in walnut creek with two miles visibility southbounden 680 and in the afternoon hours we have hazy sunshine, and 65 to 68 inland and a few clouds along the peninsula, and around the game we are hazy and 64 to 68. at game tonight the stadium sears is coming to levi stadium at 7:00 the puck drops at 58 under star filled sky and dropping to 54. this is how it looks in san jose right now as we look at 87 near the shark tank, tomorrow is going to be the warmest day mid-60s to 70 and that is what we dealing with from the coast inland and a sharp drop in
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temperature by six degrees with sprinkles on sunday and, still cool on monday. senate i i don't -- san mateo bridge is still hazy and the neighbors to the south is at top speed and the dumbarton bridge from newark to east palo alto not finding any delays but we do have a new accident and this is in fremont at mission boulevard two lanes are blocked and we have backupped approaching it so there is going to be traffic so give yourself a couple of extra minutes into fremont. 580 is friday light and tracy to dublin is 31 minutes and getting busy along highway 4 antioch to concord at 24 minutes and 101 subfrom san rafael to san francisco 17 minutes. watch out for the fog, thick conditions and use the low beams. >> the hollywood community and mourning the passing of its own.
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texas couple who was able to say "i do," and other couples cannot tie the knot just credit. >> "snow" much fun hitting nation's heart land. and 101 traffic is covered in fog. stay tuned.
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covering daly city dublin los gatos and all the bay area this is abc7 news. good morning on this friday. 6:12 is the time. the bay bridge toll plaza shows traffic is starting to stack up.
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meteorologist mike nicco says there is a new wrinkle to our forecast. we will have more on that in a moment. this morning, hollywood comics are mourning the loss of one of theirous after a death possibly great a drug overdose. you may not have heard of this the executive producer of parks and recreation a she about to end after seven years. he performed stand 30 years old and talk about his struggles. >> student who killed six santa barbara students including three from the bay area. elliott roders planned the rampage for two years. on may 23 last year he killed two roommates and their friend
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in his apartment. he then shot and killed two women before killing another person. now, the just released study finds his browser history including research on nazis terrorists, how to kill people sigh lengthily. the study says that he stockpiled weapons and ammunition. president obama is winning over those in california with the approval rating growing to 57 percent among the california voters the highest mark in two clears. the poll credits the jump to those having a positive view of how he is handling the economy. >> in texas. 9 state attorney is explaining where the marriage license issued for two austin women is not valid. yesterday the two women were married in travis county after a judge grant add court order and the judge raised a health condition in the ruling and the 58-year-old has cancer. >> don't know how the amount g has any right to void it, it was
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issued by the state of texas under order to a judge by a clerk so we will let the courts work it out. we live in a society where this is a rueful law but why thing they will win. >> the texas attorney general plans to present its case to the texas supreme court and texas is 100 of 13 states where same-sex marriage remains outlawed. tonight someone is likely tracking your car and taking photos. >> he said everyone hates the repo man and now they are taking pictures of everyone's cars not just the ones in default. we show you what is being done with all of that information tonight. >> leyla is not tracking your car but she is tracking your commute this morning. >> it makes you want to get on a bicycle, doesn't it? >> it does. it does. >> good morning everyone, if you just wake up but are
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weighing town thick fog across the bay area and here is look walnut creek but it is friday light so away from highway 4 to the 24 junction it will only take nine minutes and northbound traffic is moving without any problems whatever and when you get to highway 24, this is what it looks like through lafayette into orinda and you are at top speeds there and you come through the caldecott tunnel and this is what i want to talk about looking ahead bore four, there is an emergency drill don't starting at 10:00 p.m. so robe side you are heading from orrin ask to the caldecott tunnel and it will be closed for several hours. as we take you into fremont, southbound 680 at mission boulevard we have an accident blocking two lanes and backups from north mission boulevard. we have a mist in our midst. >> very nice. mist in the midst. >> frizzy friday because of the mist in the midst 9 i came through bore four and the fog
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was in bore four and it was interesting because they had the fans there and they were not returning enough to get it out of 9 way. now, how moisture laden the air is producing fog and it is producing the mist that is condense on our roads so it is slick in a few spots and in santa rosa you can see the streets affected. guerneville road obviously 101, 12 and the other areas are getting very foggy right now. as far as what is going on with san rafael, you can see visibility is a mile to the south on 680 and we are going do have another beautiful sunrise from the east bay hills camera and you need to get to around 2,000' to see the sun this morning and we will see more of it this afternoon just like yesterday and it will be hazy and mild, and clear and cooler nights coming this weekend and 30's coming back and the forecast and the big wrinkle, or new wrinkle the sprinkles for sunday. we will be in the upper 50's to
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increasely sit at the coast and half moon bay is 60 and more stubborn cloud cover. tonight we are 5- to 10-degrees cooler with mid-to-upper 40s until san mateo. our two areas of high pressure are spreading apart and that means the weakness will develop and the pattern will start to slip sunday because of the area of low pressure backing its way toward us. now, you can see what it has in store, as we look of snow showers and oscar sunday, a few scattered showers backing their way to us and a couple ofisms of snow it and possible the sierra, and here is the three day forecast, 12 out out of the first main days we had record highs and custody 57 we fall short and 57 with the front arriving and breezy on saturday and temperatures are sunday, an arctic front 38 degrees. the area of low pressure will be
6:19 am
warmest tomorrow at 64 at the coast and low 70s for the rest us and in the low-to-mid fists 60s sunday monday and tuesday and the mornings are in the 30's and 40s and we modify the air mass on wednesday and third with the skate must a couple of inches on snow we will have the ski report. >> fine army. finally. if you taking a trip to the sierra and you need a couple of extra days take advantage of it. here is our toyota lake tahoe report starting with sugar bowl resort: a base of 16-59 inches. kirkwood is up to 50isms. squall rally and up to 42 inches. get out the trains for sunday and monday. alpine meadows is 18 to 34 inches. the travel from the bay area from san francisco, up to the sierra along 80 will take you about three hours and 15 minutes
6:20 am
and same for soda springs and heavenly maybe a little less at 2 hours and 45 minutes. we may not have much powder in california although some is coming but in ohio the furry friends are having "snow" much fun. they franceed around yesterday in the snow at the zoo and red pandas are natives of the himalayas and they are used to the cold. if you were told that was a parch da would you believe it? >> not related to the giant panda. >> we have these at the san francisco zoo and we had a local naming contest for a red and it was named after one of the first to ever climb
6:21 am
everest. >> oscar count down with a look both inside and outside. stay tuned. >> but first, we are looking at lake tahoe, snow but not a lot of it. hoping to get a little bit more and mike will have the forecast coming up.
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>> now, on "good morning america" at 7:00 what coming up? >> deep freeze. millions wake up to the coldest temperatures in a decade. the record breaking cold, freezing in the midwest and the northeast and the south. we are tracking it all on "good morning america" next in 36 minutes. >> san francisco is ready to kickoff a celebration marking the 100th anniversary of the 1915 world fair. we were there for final preparations for a community celebration tomorrow at the palace of fine arts. this was the site of the original locations of the panama pacific international exhibition with artifacts innovative 100 years ago such as the telephone. >> cheryl jennings much host the community day celebration tomorrow at night, free and open to the public.
6:25 am
>> $70 to $80,000 a month is how much a mom is bringing in through a market place known for homemade colleagues jewelry and other items that you can sale. she thought she would make a few books by creating three bird nests selling head bands and socks and she had no idea the creations would make her the top five grossing stores on the site. >> i wanted to pay for my son's soccer hoping to making $100 a week. >> she is making a lot more than that now, 65 percent of sellers make less than $100 but not her, she has fired friends and photographer to help with the exploding online business. >> way to go. we are now just to days away until oscar sunday and the pace is picking up.
6:26 am
>> crews condition to get their work done and that is just the outside. an insider gives us a look at what is going on inside. >> the stage looks incredible, stunning amazing it is exciting. a lot of is happening. >> in the middle of the red car pet activity 100 publicists are getting the drill of what they will do on sunday. a lost preparations are underway. >> you name dropper. on sunday, it is oscar sunday and our coverage begins at 2:00 p.m. with "on the red carpet," and at 4:00 see what they are wears and then at 5:30 watch who wins at neil patrick harris hosts the oscars. reporter will be in
6:27 am
hollywood for the oscars with the report today. the morning news continues at 6:30 with the top story. >> giants manager bochy is hospitalized this morning after emergency heart surgery. the humor the skipper is showing as he waits for the release. >> left for dead in a trash bag remarkable puppies are bouncing back great heartless neglect. >> two arrests have been made in the high profile murder of a supreme court guard but the police investigation is not over and what they are expected to do in the coming days. attracting fog and low visibility and a new wrinkle in the forecast with sprinkles this weekend. and much cooler in the traffic center, that is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza and we have heavy backups
6:28 am
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good friday morning at 6 o'clock. thanks for ening your week with us. i am kristen sze. >> mike is checking the forecast. >> frizzy friday. a lost moisture. some of it is making the streets slick. we the fog is very thick. you can see on live doppler hd at three-quarters of a mile up and down 101 to a mile and a quarter in livermore and two in concord and a mile in san rafael and the 12 hour day planner is going to be mild through the morning hours and we are mainly in the low-to-mid 50s and transition to hazy sunshine
6:31 am
after lunch and low-to-mid 60s. a few clouds along the coast and 58 and mid-to-upper 60 for the rest of us and wonderful evening, enjoy it, mid-to-upper 40s but no cold front on the way and cooler temperatures and sprinkles this weekend. >> just because it is foggy and frizzy does not mean you should be frazzled. >> that is a busy maze and it looked like it would be light but now, suddenly, track is backing up and it will only take 20 minutes to get great that spot to that spot. when you get beyond the metering lights, you are going to be easy going into san francisco. we have a brand new crash in pittsburg with the details in the next report. breaking overnight a shop in oakland goes up in flames. oakland for the source of the fire after
6:32 am
2:00 a.m. burning in the garage lift of the building and the office. no one was hurt. developing in san jose police say they are stilling for more people involved in the shooting death of a security guard. two arrests have been made. matt keller is at the san jose police department with the latest. matt? the two arrests happened yesterday in san jose. investigators are still speaking with witnesses. they expect more arrests in the coming days. the news is after surveillance video was released early this week of the moments before the murder of 34-year-old manny zuniga. four men walk into a liquor store this past saturday night and leave. a man returned to steal cigars and runs out. manny zuniga was working at the club club and tried to help and was shot and killed. a donation box is being set up in honor of manny zuniga and she heard of the arrest yesterday. her son was a securities
6:33 am
security guard with manny zuniga. aawe are grateful things are happening as fast as they are. >> police will not say if the men in the video were arrested and one of the freeways said that at least manny zuniga can have justice and funeral is set for wednesday and he will be buried in mexico a few days later. a kidnapping investigation is underway in the north bay and a woman says she escaped cappers after weeks of abuse in a home in snow small county kidnapped three weeks ago, she said and held at zone any -- held at a zoney point road and sexaully abused and beaten. they escaped when the captors love the door open she is 22 and toll investigators she was kidnapped at gunpoint by people
6:34 am
she did not know. a sheriff lieutenant tells abc that they have several people detained in connection with the case. more now on the stadium sharing proposal that is rocking the football world. raiders and chargers will announce plans to sure a stadium outside los angeles if they cannot reach a deal to stay in oakland. we have reaction from the newsroom. >> a lot of excitement. officials are negotiating and the fans are blind sided. mayor and upset saying the chargers want behind his back but this is in the beginning stages. the teams would both move to carson california about 15 miles south of los angeles. that is where the new same would be built and this is what it would look like: $1.7 billion arena is privately financed and the rivals have failed to security deals if their home markets and the raiders want a
6:35 am
new built build stadium built here. >> moving the chips around the checker board to get the city and the county to come to a resolution about how they are going to dispose and use the land. the chargers and raiders released a joint statement about the plan and representatives from both seems are scheduled to make a formal announcement today and that will happen down in carson. we want to hear from you about this. what are your thoughts? do you think the raid others are for real or hoping to gain leverage? >> san francisco giants manager bochy will be released from the hospital today after two stents
6:36 am
were placed near his heart after he experienced discomfort after a physical on wednesday. the team medical staff monitors his heart and thyed to send him to the hospital. the surgery was successful. this was done in airsary because the giants are in scottsdale and spring training. bochy was 60 in april. last night he sent out a text joking an article ranking him 29 out of 30 on best looking managers broke his heart. glad he is well enough to be joke. >> the top later official is giving both sides in the poverty dispute until today for a deal or they will be forced to northbound in washington. the labor secretary issued this ultimatum yesterday. representatives for the union and port operators have been meeting in san francisco for nine months. presidents of dollars in cargo is on the ships waiting to be unloaded. a big. ing blocks and whether to
6:37 am
replace the arbitrary currently now being used to resolve workplace conflicts. >> new details on the three money byes found stuffed in a garbage bag in pleasant hill. look at new photos of the adorable trio they have new names, now, and are growing each day and all weigh over two pounds now. the puppies were found abandoned at a park last month and were discovered by a couple warthog dog -- couple walking their dog the foster family will keep one of the puppies. the other two will be up for adoption. >> a police officer tazes a high school student and reveals this was in other choice. >> new speculation surrounding tesla motors and the biggest names in the valley. stay tuned.
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only at a sleep number store. right now save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. know better sleep with sleep number. and not good news for manner, we will have below average precipitation. the wet stuff is to the south and the east. we have dense fog in the san joaquin valley. low 70s around sacramento and mid-to-upper 60s monterey, and 85 in palm springs and finally, not a record high in lake tahoe 57 and 21 percent is the snow pack which is worse thank last year's 25 percent and we have a chance of a couple of inches sunday into monday and the thick cold front. >> good morning everyone, look at the cameras and take a ride with me, this is traveling on
6:41 am
highway 24 where we are make our drive through orinda and you can see how foggy it is. be careful. use the low beams. it is misty as well and that could accumulate and mike said the drive he found accumulation on ground so it is slippery and could be. in the eastbound direction along highway 24, looking clear and accident free so for. on the maps we have a couple of accidents in is slow and again slow in bay point. fremont, sub680, a crash is blocking two lanes at mission plaintiff and now looking at backups from north mission boulevard. trading is under way on wall street coming up we go to the nasdaq for the morning money report. >> what happens after the oscars on sunday jimmy kimmel's oscar
6:42 am
special and the preview that is going viral. >> traffic on the san mateo bridge on this friday morning and looking light is zipping along with traffic and weather
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think the tree we carved our names in is still here? probably dead... how much fun is this? what? what a beautiful sunset... if you like sunsets. whether you're sweet or salty... you'll love nature valley sweet and salty bars. covering benicia, san ramon san mateo and all the bay area this is abc7 news. welcome back, it 6:44. contra costa county prosecutors considering charms -- charges against a teen would was on a rampage. an officer tazed the teen. amy hollyfield is at the high school with the story. amy? >> yes, did you know that officers are armed at schools with tasers? they are in concord and yesterday an officer used his.
6:45 am
it happened year at 1:45 at mount tab blow high school -- diabolo high school. the kid was out-of-control and they called in the officer to hope the he was yelling and scream and threatening officials. the school resource officer could not calm the boy down and the student threatened and assaulted the officer as he tried to escape. the officer used his taser on the boy. the boy was treatedded at the hospital and backed for assaulting an officer and resisting arrest and now the case is headed for the d.a. and school forbes say the boy is a minor and under 18 so they have not released his information sore any information. no one was making a. reporting from concord for abc7 news. talk of people tesla merger
6:46 am
is resurfacing, after you pay your rent, groceries and other bills, what did you have least? not much in you live in san francisco but that isn't anything you don't already know. jane king has the money report. good morning, here are the markets, lower today but on nasdaq 5,000 watch. we are getting close to the record highs of the nasdaq hit all the way back in 2000 so we are watching. so far we are further away with the indices slightly lower. this is a juicy merger, apple buying tesla. it could happen. with the recent news that apple is looking to get into electric cars. others say it is not going to happen because tesla has never been a big flashy acquisition. american express suffered another blow losing a lawsuit over whether they could stop
6:47 am
merchants from asking per chants to use other cards including massacre card and visa usually charge less to the retailers than american express so you could have perks but with the riles, they may have no choice but to cut back on rewards over time. >> san francisco is proving to be the most expensive places to live. the cost living francisco is the 15th most expensive and the high minimum wage offset that and long island is the most expensive when you factor housing taxes, commuting and everything else. we don't want to be none one in that category. >> exactly. 15 is just fine. >> 15 and falling. >> you know who is number one? the warriors. they return to face the spurs and they will debut the lunar
6:48 am
new year jersey with the chinese characters for "warrior." good luck at 7:30 tonight against the spurs. good luck. where is yours? >> mine? same as mine? >> i will try it on after the show. without the coat. >> good morning everyone, maybe the fog will let it stretch out three-quarters of a mile visibility in petaluma and a mile in santa rosa and maker in livermore and concord can napa at two and flight arrivals delays in sfo and 58 minutes and the fog will meander and winds are light and variable and here is how it looks with the fog at the golden gate bridge along with the mist and the drops are on the lens could you may find slick spots. a beautiful sunrise and ready to unfold at 2000 feet looking back to mount diabolo.
6:49 am
who are in for a treat if it looking like yesterday. hazy sunshine. this afternoon. this afternoon. we will be mild clear and cooler nights headed our way and sprinkles are possible along with the arctic cold front coming through and sunday the sail one is bringing the snow to the sierra. not much snow not much frost, either unfortunately. mid-to-upper 60's are the high temperatures away from the coast where you have the cloud cover lingering and the peninsula is upper 60s and look at lack of clouds a wind shift and dry air coming in and patchy fog in the north bay and everyone else is looking mainly clear until you get to 9 coast and mid-to-upper 40s in most neighborhoods and san mateo is around 50. high pressure is still close so dome nap and now spread apart and they are going do loss their grip starting sunday and until then it will be a nice day and evening and the stadium series
6:50 am
is coming at 7:00 with the kings in how many. they won the danly cup. we have the spurs would won th nba championship last year so we good game. 58 and dress for 54 at the end of the game. the low will back its way from the arctic to us and it loses the moisture pus it and coming over land and there is so much cold air it will squeeze out and starting at noon on sunday watch the rain showers how they come pick to us and more like sprinkles. the seven-day forecast shows temperatures are low-to-mid 60s and cooler on sunday monday and tuesday and the lows are cooler than that with 30s and 40s. have a great weekend. >> some areas are humming around and or areas we have big traffic problems. on the map, this is a look at san mateo bridge where you can see the traffic is backed up at
6:51 am
15 minutes to get you and you are driving into an abyss right new with a lot of fog crossing the water to the peninsula, and we have a new accident overturned vehicle possible block, one or into lanes a southbound traveling into fremont, bumper-to-bumper traffic so it is nasty drive leaving 238 and southbound 680 at mission boulevard two lanes are blocked with backups and the southbound bay still goaling with slowing, northbound 101 but the rest of it and accident free jimmy cam knell is work on the 10th annual after the oscars special. >> repeat after me. i'm a fancy british man. hole low, i'm a fancy british
6:52 am
man. >> talk like british people >> why is this so difficult? you are from there. >> the school of perfecting acting with best actor million kneed difficult redmayne -- actorred -- actor -- redmayne. >> our coverage begins at 2:00 a.m. with on the red carpet and at 4:00, see watt cars are wearing and thin at 5:30 you can see would wins. katie marzullo will be in hollywood for the oscars with a report later today so be sure to catch them. >> stay tuned.
6:53 am
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whether you are just joining us or headed out the door here are seven things to know the raiders and chargers will talk about plans to share a $1.7 billion stadium in carson near los angeles. both teams are committed to fining stadium solutions in oakland and san diego but floor
6:55 am
to move if they cannot get it door. >> giant manager bochy will be release from arizona hospital after stents were inserted. he felt discomfort after having a physical on wednesday that. frommed the procedure. a fundraiser is held to help dozens of small businesses displaced by a rage fire in san francisco's mission district a month ago. the mission economic development age is kicking off a campaign to get businesses and 70s employees back on their feet that takes place at the u.s. bank at 7:00. president obama is winning overmore california voters with the approval rating growing to 57 percent among california voters and the highest mark in two years. the poll credits the jump to people having a positive view of the way he is handling the economy. >> the year's mardi gras beads are going to good use 140,000
6:56 am
pounds of used peeds will be recycled and sold to help those with disabilities. >> another moist morning and more moisture in the air so a little bit of wetness on the ground and this is how it looks at walnut creek with visibility down to a mile. check out the fog barely seeing the sunshine and look for hazy sunshine this afternoon and 60 at the coast and purpose 60s elsewhere. thank you is the macarthur maze pushing in toward the bay bridge toll plaza and it looks like we are seeing an improvement in fors of our traffic at 15 minutes from the maze to san francisco and the richmond-san rafael is clear where an overturn causing the backup in fremont and southbound 880 is busy. thank you for joining us. we continue on-line and twitter and facebook and all mobile devices.
6:57 am
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my name is tony sartorio. i'm a lineman for pg&e out of the concord service center. i have lived here pretty much my whole life. i have been married for twelve years. i have 3 kids. i love living here and i love working in my hometown. at pg&e we are always working to upgrade reliability to meet the demands of the customers. safest job possible - not only for them, but everybody, myself included that lives in the community. i'm very proud to do the work that i do and say that i am a lineman for pg&e because it's my hometown.
7:00 am
it's a rewarding feeling. that's what's makin good morning, america. happening now. record-shattering cold. another morning of brutal temperatures. 21 states hit with the deep ze. from wisconsin to florida, some of the lowest temperatures in decades. >> you heard an explosion? >> yes, something go boom. >> the frozen ground bursts. slabs of ice covering roofs. and now a new storm on the way. developing now. road rage arrest. a suspect in the shooting of the mother of four in custody this morning. taken down after a tense standoff with police. the victim's family outraged at the scene, just one block from their home. the latest twist in the case this morning as police search for a second suspect. dramatic rescue. inside the hunt to catch a killer on the run with a teenage girl. for the first time, the fbi reveals how they saved her. the incredible surveillance video.


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